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Many Retailers have found convenience,  satisfaction and cost savings in outsourcing their in-store or retail needs to Ovation Technical Solutions. From equipment acquisition to a product’s end of life cycle, the process of maintaining and repairing technological devices can be a challenge for most businesses, an In-Store solution brings its own unique resolutions.

We take  pride in our team of experts who have many years in retail experience , from our sales executives, help desk agents to our vast network of Customer Service Engineers.  Ovation currently provides support for most retail hardware , software and service support on a broad range of manufacturers and products.  To mention a few:  receipt printers, base terminals, handheld scanners, transaction terminals, kiosks, digital signage and more.

When you partner with Ovation, you are guaranteed expert solutions and quality service from hardware procurement, software implementation, project management and installation to comprehensive support, maintenance and managed services. We truly are a one hand to shake and one point of contact when there is a crisis, we are suited to handle all your retail and in-store needs.

Ovation is agile and able to support your ever changing IT needs,  We were there for our clients as your service models changed and your workflows were altered.  By assisting our stores our team installed safety gear and new register pads during a critical need while collaborating with our end users on custom register set up and screen options.  We have the ability to sanitize and wipe all devices for safe handling minimizing exposure.  Our skilled team was able to take over asset management processes for our clients as their technology needed to be changed or moved from multiple users.  We help keep your data safe and secure at all times.  Ovations asset tools not only tracks the movement and status of assets through stocking locations, stores, distribution centers and OEM/providers but also uses predictive artificial intelligence to suggest future inventory requirements and needs. Ovation provides a number of customized retail service solutions through our depot repair centers.  We are able to provide a number of advanced exchange options, device imaging, caging and storage for quick, reliable &  accurate deployment.

Our Services

Through our vast partnership with the leading manufacturers of retail equipment such as Toshiba, Epson, HP, NCR, PAR, and Zebra, Ovation is able to provide the newest hardware directly to you. Whether you are in the hospitality industry, retail industry, or grocery industry, we can supply the latest technology and hardware to fulfill your needs.  Refurbished equipment is a viable, cost-effective solution for the budget conscious retailer, helping to avoid spending millions of dollars in new hardware, roll-outs and training. Upgraded, older-generation units are capable of accommodating much of the market’s new software, and can be imaged prior to integration and arrive check-stand ready, further cutting overall implementation expenses.
Ovation will manage the varied needs to support the technology of your fleet.  We start with knowing your assets and with our very robust asset management software tool we successfully track of your valuable inventory.  Via our variable workforce and varied service offerings we ensure maximum uptime and reliability of your devices.  We have your covered through the device lifecycles,  imaging, configuration, installations via our deployment services.  Our system utilizes predictive AI intelligence and preventative measures to keep your devices up and running.
Ovation understands how to manage deployments through our Project Management group.   Large or small, proper deployment and project management is critical to stay on target for any implementation.  Our team will coordinate with the multiple channels that go into a retail deployment project. .
Our Technology Deployment Solution provides end-to-end store support for:
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Staging & Integration
  • Key Injection
  • Kitting
  • In-field Installation
  • Help Desk Services
  • Windows 10 Migration
Ovation understands the importance of data protection and security.  Your equipment maintains proprietary information which could include customer information.  We ensure via our chain of custody procedures to disassemble, clean, wipe, punch or shred key components.  For those components that can’t be recycled or reused we engage licensed hazardous waste practices, green initiatives and salvage companies to bring your fleet to a no worry end of life solution.
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